Since we spend the whole of our weekdays in the office and in traffic, we leave normal human activities till the weekend. I decided to visit the food market; it’s been a long time that I visited the market. I was taken deep into the market; the farther we went, the messier it was. I had no choice I am in the market place. I had to manage, however managing the situation is for a brief period.

We wanted to share a bag of a staple food item; other interested people were being called to share with us. I was assigned to waiting for the sharing to start while the person that we went to the market together went to buy other items because dusk was drawing close to us. We anticipated the last person to come, however the person came at last.

The market happened to be open, the stock of the traders was closely knitted but everyone could identify his or her stock. Remember, it is a water-logged market. I stood waiting, traders who own other stocks would walk carelessly since they were in boots, they keep splashing the muddy water on me, I could not talk, and the effect was much more because I was in knickers.

I felt bad, I felt irritated, and I kept mute but learnt some lessons:
1.     Don’t be static: Never be static in life; those who are moving will keep progressing while you are on the same spot.
2.     Insult accompanies stagnation: If you are stagnant or in a static position, insults will beam heavily on you once you are static.
3.     You will become a dumping ground: There is no task that people won’t assign to you if you are static.
4.     It makes you idle and unproductive: Once you don’t move, you are idling away your life, unproductive either for yourself or others and ultimately redundant.
5.     Time gets wasted: When you are static, you will waste a lot of time on the same thing, you will stand on the same point and both time and life gets wasted.
Why not leave this static point? Let me make you see reasons to leave this static point:
A.   The Master will demand for an account:  Matthew 25:14-26. The parable of talents makes us know that we would account for everything that the Master has committed into our care. So why waste away when the Lord has given you all to make your life productive.
B.   Idling characters and traits: Matthew 12:36 says ‘every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof’. It is in a state of being idle that we have idle chatters around. You will give account of it.
C.   Diligence: The word ‘diligence’ was used in the Bible fifty-one (51) times, you are expected to be diligent all your days on earth. If you are diligent enough, you won’t be on the same spot.
D.  Accomplishment: if you want to be accomplished in life, set priorities right, be passion-filled and ultimately you will stand before Kings and no mean men. Proverbs 22:29
E.    Others depend on your progress: How would you make others know that you are an Ambassador of Master Jesus? How would you show others the way if you are not progressing? How would be a good example (1 Tim 4:12) as instructed by Paul to Timothy? Others depend on you; let your light to shine.
F. It is a natural thing: It is natural to get tired of being static. Remember the children of the Apostles in the Bible (2 Kings 6:1). They got tired of squeezing themselves up in a corner, then they sort for expansion. They made an attempt to get out of that same spot.
G. There would be help: Static people never get helped; it shows that the person is complacent and nonchalant. If you are making progress and you encounter a problem, you will get helped. (2 Kings 6: 5-7).

My people, the challenge unto us is to move on in all aspects of life and we would never regret we did so, remember, Christ in you is the Hope of Glory Colossians 1:27

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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