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Watu Wangu,
I have gone as far as Kenya today to bring you greetings by saying, ‘My People’ in Swahili language. Good to speak to you again on this platform. As a strategic communicator, I will want to teach you something today, do not deviate from the key messages regardless of the barrage of questions from the media. Stay on point in your discussions per time.
There is a Yoruba saying, ‘to ba n gbo gbe, gbe, gbe, to  ba gbe, eyinkule re la o gbe si’ which means, if you are not involved in communal activities, the canister can be dropped in your premises. Times are changing so fast, if you don’t latch in, you will loss out!
Latching in is a way of becoming a part of the new development in your area of business and other areas of life, for example, there was nothing like e-commerce some years ago. E-commerce came and introduced some dynamism into the way business is done. Currently, people without shops are making great sales than those located with malls. Those who latched into this new trend are feeding through social media now.
Those who lose out are people who refuse to embrace technological evolution to remain relevant in the society. A lot of people have lost customers and businesses because they have held on fast to the tenets they have learnt ages ago. Such people have become archaic and irrelevance within a short space of time.
I charge you today to revolve with time so as not to be dissolved. The most important thing to remain relevant is to be TEACHABLE!
Teachable people latch in on all opportunities while people who hold on fast to old teaching will loss out.
Have a great day.
(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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