Kathryn Kuhlman: A Product of Grace

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Reading through the biography of Kathryn Kuhlman by Jamie Buckingham, I would say that she is purely a product of grace. There was no account of her hearing a call from God but she loved God which contradicted the modern day Theology. All through this biography, which is the only authorized biography of her life, her chronological age was hidden for reasons best known by her.

She has a big heart and preached majorly on salvation and Holy Spirit and eventually, God backed her up through the gift of healing. Her watchword was majorly excellence which made her cast away her tattered look and any unkempt vessel gave her concern, regardless, God used her mightily.

Her private life would be a source of controversy in today’s ecclesiastic circles because it was not recorded that she performed “rituals” such as of fasting and praying which would be expected of her. She was sold out to her ministry that she barely sit to listen to another preacher preach even till the point of death.

She knew she needed to reduce her number of outreach because of her health but she could not hold back due to the attendant fame of her ministry. However, she backslide at a point by marrying another person’s husband. If not for God’s mercies to restore her many people may not recover from such stain, for life, but she was accepted to continue her ministry.

Other exploits that stood her ministry out included her introduction the church to the Holy Spirit, through her many people received miraculous healings despite all her shortcomings and failures. She proved that that God could take even the most imperfect of creatures and use such person as an instrument to reflect His glory.

Personally, I believe death could have been prevented if she responded quickly to the demand of her health other than keeping up to the demand of the society. The book, Daughter of Destiny, is a must read for people who feel they cannot be used of God because of their antecedents. Truly, Jesus Saves, Jesus Saves!



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