Idoko Negedu: The memories of a man with similar Interests

By Olutayo Irantiola

ID, as many people call you. I restrained myself from writing about you but I think it is noble to drop some lines about you, 1 year after. It is quite a task doing this.

I have always had a good time with you as we crisscrossed Nigeria seeking the news angle from the various legal tussles of the brand. However, we were both fun-loving and nature-seeking guys. We would always get some unique views of any place where we visit together. As such, we were not looked in our hotel rooms after the proceedings of the day.

Despite my travels, you are very conversant of the great tourist locations across the country. Born to Igala parents, raised in Jos and Abuja, working in Lagos. You have travelled also many nautical miles across the world to see siblings and explore places. It is important to say that I was chagrined when you listed 25 fun places to be in Lagos. Interestingly, I have also visited many of these places but it is a reflection of your personae.

You are a big-time photographer, in fact, I cannot limit you to one aspect of photography. You have many images of nature, events, and places amongst others. Well, I am more of a photography enthusiast. I remember the days when you gave me your camera to take few images while we moved around.

Sometimes in 2019, we were on a trip to Enugu and we went to Nike Lake and Resort, while we were on the lake, you served as the host while I was being questioned as the guest. It was so much fun as we walked around and had a boat ride on the lake. Later in the evening, we checked online and agreed to go explore the meals at Roots Restaurant.

Another great memory of you was the music-loving ID! You had great music always playing on your devices. You were so current about the things happening in Nigeria and overseas in the entertainment world. You knew about football as well. However, I am a sharp contrast, I know so well of musicians of Yoruba extraction and I know very little about football.

ID on a boat ride at Nike Lake, Enugu

Last year was full of nostalgia, looking at the drastic reduction in human contact and client activities. We celebrated my birthday together at the GTBank Lagos Polo International Tournament before life went virtual.

The shocking news of your passing came to me as a rude shock on a Monday, 15th June that you passed on yesterday, Sunday, ironically we chatted on Whatsapp on Saturday, 13th June. I never had an inkling that you were saying goodbye. My wife and I spoke about your forthrightness and upholding great standard in dealing with colleagues and the media especially.

Having known that you crossed from Audit to Corporate Communications’, you avoided anything that could taint your image passionately. Definitely, your personality led to some media bruises but it was not in the line of impropriety. I remember you saw my books on Communications and you penned down the title so that you can enhance your knowledge too.

You were a brother and a friend who shared in our joy; from the christening of my son to the birthday of Cornelius and many more. We wished we had the opportunity to celebrate you too much more.

Our unfinished business was in the line of local travels. ID and I were planning on a time of the year when we would both be on vacation and embark on a trip to Oyo North district. He had read of the Ado-Awaye suspended Lake; the Old Oyo National Park; Okeho Ahoro and a host of other treasures tucked in that region. That was our unfinished business that I believe that one day, I would have another willing friend who believes in domestic travels.

ID, it’s one year after you but you live in our memories! As said by Thomas Campbell, “to live in the hearts of those we love is never to die.”

Rest in Power, Negedooz!

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