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I remember you today,
In reflection of my yesteryears,
The days shared in common,
Before our influence increased,
Though the increase I am yet to discover,
But the shared hours I recount,
Hoping that nature is gracious unto you
In all your endeavours!

I remember you today,
No for evil,
All memories of your hurts gone,
But a faint picture of your face,
I know you are facing the world courageously,
Despite all the storms.
I remember you today,
With assurance that the sun shines on your path,
That your name resurfaces with great news when least expected,
That we would meet during our period of success,
Sharing the wine of accomplishment.
I remember you today,
It’s less than twenty years,
That the parable of twenty children
Has been actualised in our lives,
May the good Lord keep our soul,
Till we meet either here or there.
15th May 2015
(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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