Home Training vs Personal Training

Mambo vipi,

I just asked “What’s Up” in Swahili language of Kenya. Despite the floods in Nigeria and Hurricane the United States of America, do not let your ideas be swept away, keep your dreams alive.

Training is a part of one’s life and it happens at all times. Like I insinuated in one of my quotes, “If you do not want to be a school boy, you will be always be a house boy”. Let’s think together about home training vs personal training.

Home Training is the basic way in one has been nurtured by one’s parents. This is influenced by the culture, language, religion and the environment. All of these will develop the person and reflect, even, in adulthood.

Personal training is the way in which one decides to further train one’s self. This is a mix of the exposure of the person, relationships the person keeps, the trends in the society and the aspirations. All of these will refine the person and it will be helpful in nurturing the next generation.

In the parlance of the Yorùbá, “leyin ti won ba bini, a ma tun ara eni bi” meaning after you have been given birth to, there is a need to experience a personal rebirth. Learn, unlearn, re-learn per time in order to be the best and raise a better generation after you.

Don’t be held down to the old way of life; be reformed and make the world a better place for everyone.

Have a great week ahead.




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