Healthy smoothies should replace carbonated drinks- Raji Adedolapo

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Raji Adedolapo is the CEO of Conqueror’s Treats, she graduated from Adekunle Ajasin University where she studied History Education, she is currently undergoing her Masters degree programme in Social Work from the University of Ibadan. The Ibadan-based entrepreneur bears her mind on the need for people to be conscious of their drink. Herein is the excerpt below-

PDC: Tell us about your journey into business?
RA: I started my business some months ago, when I decided to go back to school; I looked at ways of fending for myself despite being a student and that was how Conqueror’s Treats was born; it is a start-up business with a lot of prospects. We are specialist in Beverage catering: drink purchase, cooling/serving services. Mobile bar drink services (Cocktail drinks/ Mocktails- Smoothies, Fresh juice, Fruit salad, milkshake, Popsicles etc)

PDC: How did you derive your business name?
RA: That’s a trade secret (lol) and I was inspired by Romans 8: 37- “which says we are more than conquerors,” and my little niece added the word, treats, so that was how the name conqueror’s treats came into being.
PDC: While trying to develop cocktail and mocktails, how have you been able to name your drinks and come up with other variants that are unique from others done by everyone?
RA: Funny enough, simplicity does it, cocktail is a general name for many drinks, if we make mojito, then it’s mojito, the same goes with margaritas and others…. But our mocktails (smoothies and all) has its own unique names based on the fruits used.
PDC: These days, people prefer to consume healthy drinks, how have you been able to service these types of customers?
RA: Our smoothies has been doing beautifully well in that aspect, fruits are essential to a healthy life, thankfully most people are beginning to see that too.

PDC: The drink business seems to be dominated by the carbonated drinks, how have you been able to break through the clutters?
RA: Whether we like it or not, carbonated drinks will still exist, it can’t be totally taken out, and this is totally based on everyone’s preference. However, I have plans to create an awareness on the importance of taking non- carbonated drinks. Adults (50 above) should watch the rate they consume carbonated drinks, it is advisable to even cut it out completely, healthy smoothies should use as a replacement.

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PDC: Within this little time of being in business, what has set your business apart?
RA: The first thing is excellent customer services, we always exceed our clients’ expectations and we do not disappoint these who refer us to new clients. The second thing is that we make custom- made drinks, when people taste our drinks we want them to make remarks like, “this must be from conquerors treats.”

PDC: What was the most challenging brief that you have had in this line of work?
RA: For now, we have of really had any challenging brief, most of our events are planned ahead, I am sure that as we keep growing, when challenges arise we will tackle it skillfully.
PDC: The evolution of mixology led to the song by Olamide “Science Student”, what are the things to do so as to stay clear

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of dangerous mixologies?
RA: Run away totally, everyone has a limit, most people tends to get into trouble when they start to compare themselves with either their friends or people around… so I advise you stay away from any mix that’s will make you embarrass your ancestors (lol)


PDC: Training is very important to retain relevance in business, are there training programmes for people in this area of the beverage industry so that these products can become more sophisticated in packaging and sales?
RA: Yeah definitely, there are training centers in and out of Nigeria, several experienced mixologist in Nigeria organise training sessions for new people coming into the industry and even for those that desires to improve on their skillset.
PDC: In Nigeria, guests don’t do respond to RSVP, as such, event planners have challenges with planning adequately for the guests, how have you been able to address the issue of shortage at events thereby delighting your customer?
RA: This is one problem vendors generally face in the event industry, your clients tell you to make provision for 300 guests, and before you say jack, 700 guests are on seat. As a vendor, you should always be ready for uncertainties like this, your client tells you to cater for 200 guests, make provisions for 300 guests, it is important to work with the event planner and other vendors as a team to make sure the event is an overall success to the delight of the client.

Ready for the guests

PDC: In servicing clients who have events at other locations, how do you cope with moving all your items around?
RA: Basically we get a haulage truck, depending on the location, type of event and the numbers of guest we are catering for, we are also into chilling services, if we need to go with our chillers, cocktail stand etc we would definitely use the truck.
PDC: Describe your business in 3 words?
RA: Unique, classy, and tasty
PDC: How can we vendors and intending clients get in touch with you?
Follow us on instagram conquerors_treatsng; like the Conquerors Treat facebook page
Call/ whatsapp: 07031178202.

  1. I have known Rabin Dolanog to be a good getter. She is good at what she does.

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