Iba o,
That is a way of paying homage and obeisance to Elderly people Yorùbá land.  Hope you are enjoying the challenges encountered daily? This would make us stronger, no doubt, because this is the reflector of the expertise that we have gained.
Today, I will be looking at something quite important and salient to our lives. There is a story of a particular man who was once working with a government agency; he went on assignment to a private company regularly. Along the line, they saw him playing a prominent role in their organization and he was poached. As of now, he has risen to the top echelon in the organization now. Who is favouring who?

Employee’s favour is a situation in which someone on a paid job assumes that he is doing his employer a favour by carrying out the daily activities. Truthfully, you are being ‘stressed’ in getting the work done but like one of my bosses would say, ‘if the kitchen is too hot get out!’ There are 1001 agile, more skilled people interested in this same role that you are at the moment. This means that there are a lot of people who can provide the same favour.
Employer’s favour is a situation when the organization believes that you have no other lifeline. They consider them as doing you a favour by paying your monthly regardless of ‘its inability to take you to the bank’. Some employers have turned themselves to gods believing that your fate is dependent on them.
Herein is my assertion; an employee is favouring an employer because you are contributing to the growth of his business while the employer is favouring the employee because he has provided a platform to gain experience, gain expertise and get trained. It is left to the employer to use all these to determine the course of his life. IT IS A WIN-WIN SITUATION.
That is why organizations would keep increasing your Key Deliverables annually and also add the financial bait. I would like to add that the labour law in Nigeria favours the employer who has the power to ‘hire and fire’. However, in order to justify that the employee is favouring the organization, the person would be qualified as a top-performer and you earn better positions, pay and make certain demands from the organization like a book titled ‘Fire Your Boss’ teaches. Contrarily, you will truly be at the mercy of your boss if you are not skilled or educated.
Conclusively, as you gain experience, learn all the accompanying tactics so that you can move on to another organization or also become an entrepreneur. It is one of the missing links in our educational system but it can be learnt on the job.
You have to determine who is actually favoured as you proceed in life and career.

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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