A ku amojuba odun titun,
Yoruba has been humoured as a language that has greetings for all situations. I am saying, congratulations on seeing the new year. As 2015 was ending, many of us went into “holiday mode.” However, it is not a bad idea to encourage ourselves as a new week and a new year commences. Let’s think together on this simple topic, early risers versus later risers.
Early risers refer to those who start maximizing opportunities from the first day of the year. This is not defined by being an extrovert but by an inner drive to attain heights in the new year. Such people are not driven by sight but by conviction that their lives would be different from the onset of the year.

Late Risers are those who are waiting for the set-time. They are not hungry to attain heights, they can be likened to the sluggard described by the book of Proverbs. They are satisfied with their present attainment. Late risers, at times, will attempt to make changes at the later part of the year. They also wish to turn back the hands of time. Students, who are late risers, start reading few days to examinations. For those who are workers, they want to work smarter towards appraisal period.

A Yoruba proverb goes thus, “Atiokere loloju jinjin ti ma n mekun sun” meaning the person whose eye sockets are deep starts to cry many meters away. Also an English idiom says , “the early bird catches the worm.” It is a great time to start on the right footing for the year to end well. In athletics, the winner begins the race on a good footing and strives to keep the tempo.
I wish you a great start, the strenght to maintain the tempo and a pleasing completion of the year.

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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