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When you maltreat others,
It’s Boko Haram Spirit!
When you ill-treat your wife,
You are a Boko Haram spouse!
When you make people cry at all cost,
You are a Boko Haram oppressor!
When you threaten people with money,
You are a Boko Haram financier!
When you illicitly make wealth,
You are a rich Boko Haram stalwart!
When you careless about your neighbor,
You are a Boko Haram figure!
No guns, No bomb, mere thoughts,
It is a weapon of Boko Haram!
When you are dreaded,
You are a Boko Haram star!
When your words is filled with destruction,
You are a potential Boko Haram!
When you believe it’s an eye for an eye,
You are a Boko Haram gangster!
Think through before you lead,
The next Boko Haram!
(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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