I am delighted to reflect the multilingual status of Nigeria on this platform. Today, I said My People in Esan language of Edo State, Nigeria. I had a very engaging weekend with various activities; I joined a family in the christening of a new baby girl and also an exercise session in which we walked for two hours.
The vast body of water has a tale for all of us. Waters are in various categories namely; streams, rivers, lake, dam, lagoon and ocean. Some people had also classified various organizations into such. There are organizations that are very small, they are typically group under the Micro-Small and Medium Scale Industry (MSMEs); some are national companies, example Transcorp, Nigeria while some are multinationals, example are Oil and Gas companies.
The mode of operation of companies makes it categorized. There are companies that are sole big fish. These companies have the competitive advantage in just a particular field or location. The owners of these companies might be everything: secretary, accountant, marketing officer, business analyst and the human resources personnel or have few employees with fantastic titles. Truthfully, the owners are the CEO but it has a minimal sphere of influence and projection beyond the immediate environment of operation. As such, senior officers in these companies are the big fishes in small ponds. Small pond is restricting in terms of growth.
In the big pond, many of the fishes are relatively small. In such companies, some staffs are “forgotten” in specific roles amongst others. The small fishes scenario, allows for career progression, greater recognition is accorded to the company, policies are made & implemented, in-depth trainings are done from time to time. 
In the big pond scenario, fantastic titles are for top professional; such titles are acquired over the years.
As it is known that small bodies of water flow into larger bodies; a small company can decide to partner with bigger companies. For example, a small firm in West Africa can increase its global relevance by being part of an international company.
Whatever little that you do, you can make it flow into global relevance. The doors in this era of globalization are readily available. The question is, “Will you avail yourself the opportunity of becoming a part of a big pond which allows you to grow proportionately with size of the pond?”
Have a grand week.

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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