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It is a pleasure welcoming you to our usual stable of discussion every week. How was your Easter holiday? I hope you did not wear yourself out for the rest of the week. Like I once said on twitter, weekend gets more stressful if not managed cautiously.
I am coming to you with a phrase today; being in touch vs finding the touch. I hope no one will make fun of me! Why did I say so, people who know me very well would attribute it to nature but I believe it is cheap to learn the former than the latter. Let’s get into business.
Being in Touch is a situation when you are constantly in touch with people. I would say that gone are the days when people have limitations with getting in touch; some of the ways in which we can constantly keep in touch include social media, telephone and e-mail. In addition, there are lots of applications today like Whatsapp, Viber that help to keep in touch at minimal cost. This is even with the exception of visitation. Being in Touch is helpful when there is a professional need especially, you can easily reach the person who has the expertise and you have being in touch. It gives you the opportunity to demand what you want for the professional.
Finding the Touch is a situation when you know someone but you are not in touch with the person, when there is a particular need and you know the person with the expertise and you will be finding the touch to connect you to the person. This state makes one be at the mercy of someone else. This state, for me, is more painful for cousins that are not in touch and they need something from one another.
There is nobody that does not need to keep in touch. We have met people as we journey through life. Why should we assume that we can carry on in life as an Island on our own? You need someone to lean on, talk to and relate with. It is a very essential trait to keep in touch.
I will do my best to avoid finding the touch especially to you by being in touch.
Enjoy your week.

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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