Be more deliberate in 2021

With our eyes on the medals for the year, we need to encourage ourselves to be more deliberate so as to achieve our desires. We might have planned a lot of 2020 which we could not actualize because of the lock down. Interestingly, this opened us to collaborations across the globe without leaving the confines of our room.

Businesses that could not find a way of evolving alongside the pandemic are purely in economic mess; some were able to cash out of the pandemic and some fizzled out. What is your own experience of the pandemic?

Let us learn to be more deliberate as 2021 is here; if yours was formerly Vision 2020; thank God you pulled through, Vision 2021 can suffice. Let’s be deliberate in the ways through which we touch people’s life; our career and out family life.

Let’s be more deliberate to bring home the awards, we need to have the mindset of a winner and work towards it assiduously. May God help us and all ours to attain the desired success this new year. Amen!

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