Be Adventurous

In the last few weeks, we have read about Kunle Adeyanju aka Lion Heart, who made a trip from London to Lagos on a power bike namely The Eagle. He has become a global figure with this experience, he has garnered a lot of media coverage and earned a chieftaincy title amongst others.

Every new experience excites an adventurous person and they consider it an opportunity to get out of their comfort zone.

There are various degrees of being adventurous, but it is something that we need to do from time to time to spice up our lives. To some, being adventurous is risky, while to some it might eventually lead to perdition. Being adventurous does not necessarily mean going too far than it is cold for comfort.

There are many people who are adventurous with meals, some with traveling, some with clothing, some with learning, some with wine tasting, some with sports, and some with entertainment, amongst others.

Whichever adventure you want to take, just ensure that you take the precautions because sometimes you run into some irredeemable points.

In my learnings, I found some things about an adventurous person-

1.       Believes in his dreams

2.       Easy to leave his comfort zones.

3.       Knows the value in seizing opportunities.

4.       Understand that barriers are from his inner minds

5.       Negativity does not bring him down

6.       Live by his own code of life and is usually a non-conformist.

7.       Spontaneous personality

8.       Failure cannot stop them from getting to their desired goal

9.       It is an antidote to depression, frustration and loneliness

10.   Get inspired by nature and humans

If you know what I am adventurous about, you may share it?

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