AI ChatGPT does not know Olutayo Irantiola

By Olutayo Irantiola

In the last few days, there have been many conversations on how artificial intelligence will take people’s jobs from them and replace them with apps such as ChatGPT. As a Public Relations Consultant and with my various media-related activities, I quickly explored what ChatGPT can do for me and how much it threatens my daily bread.

I asked about a corporate client in the Manufacturing cum Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry, and the series of responses swept me off my feet I got. The more I fine-tuned the questions, the more I got more answers, and I was able to save that for my use on another occasion. To be factual, the speed at which it typed out the responses fascinated me. It looked like the days when typewriters were still at work.

I overheard a conversation about ChatGPT having written a love letter and someone who was on the verge of divorce gave it to his spouse, and I am now paraphrasing the response, “if you have been able to generate this over the years, we might probably not have got here.” In my case, I might have also been able to write poems in the past, but lately, I have not had time to write those words that will make my wife grin. To satisfy my curiosity, I made another request for a poem for my wife on our anniversary and I got a beautiful quatrain within a few seconds. Please find the text below-

My love for you is like a rose,

Elegant and strong,

It blooms with each passing day,

And lasts a lifetime long.

With you by my side,

I feel like I can conquer the world,

You are my rock, my guiding light,

My heart’s precious pearl.

Through every joy and every tear,

You’ve been my constant companion,

I’m so grateful to have you,

As my forever and always one.

On this special anniversary,

I want to tell you once more,

How deeply and truly I love you,

Forever and evermore.

With this, I ask a question about myself. If you have told me about my client, given me something for my wife; then I should also know what would be said about me. I was startled after I got the first response-

The first response

Then, I assumed that ChatGPT would not be able to correlate the questions together in good time. I sounded like an empathetic person-

The second response

As I was told to add a bit of information about myself, I did and I saw the limitation of the ChatGPT in the last response-

The last response

With the confession that its knowledge cut-off is 2021, then I relaxed a little. I was glad that ChatGPT still has some knowledge gaps. I still have some rooms to improve and give updated and well-researched articles to my clients and even prospects. I can use my initiative and not totally depend on artificial intelligence. I still have the opportunity to spice my writing with my Yoruba anecdotes and pidgin, amongst others.

Technology is moving so fast, but it still has to depend on humans to optimize it continually or periodically. Having said that, if you need what I do as a Public Relations Consultant, you may check the last response of ChatGPT; I can help you build your reputation with various stakeholders.

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