Adedoyin Iya wa,
If Grandpa called u Oloruko Iya,
Who am I not to acknowledge you as Iya,
You have some intent that show you as Iya,
But you have some strong strength as Iya.
Interestingly you are the last card.
We were told of the first Adedoyin,
She was a Princess of Ona Isokun in Oyo,
She was a brewer,
She lived valiant,
Raised successful sons.
Adedoyin, you have skills with spoken words,
You have the ability to defend like mother hen,
You have the strength to persuade,
You persevere,
You are strong in keeping secrets,
You are a confidant to all of us,
You have the strong look that show your stand,
You even pray for us.
I celebrate you today,
Seasons would soon change,
Keep being at your best,
Adedoyin, Oloruko Iya!
(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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