Saanu nku,
Blessed people! I am delighted to welcome you to the month of December. Like a dream, 2015 is coming to a halt in 30 days! How time flies! Time flies for healthy and busy people. May God come to the aid of those who are sick. Amen.
Now to the discussion of today, the Nigerian Police is fond of complaining that they do not have vehicles to combat crime. State governments and corporate organizations decided to ‘donate’ vehicles to the force as a form of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Lagos State last week gave out boats, cars and helicopters. Fortunately, these vehicles get grounded in few months after donation, I have previously written a Versus Series, click here to read it. Today, we are looking at Acquisition drive vs Maintenance culture.

Acquisition drive is the desire to own a particular item especially a material that needs to be overhauled regularly. In fact, for such items, which are usually mechanical and electrical, it is cheaper to acquire because most times the amount of money spent to repair might look small but it keeps increasing, that’s why such items get disposed. Our acquisition drive might not be what is necessary but be a function of luxury.
Maintenance Culture is really the ability to maintain what we own. Many people, corporate organizations and the country as a whole do not maintain what we have very well. There are a lot of government properties ‘littering’ choice areas when people who would optimize such properties cannot equally purchase it. The maintenance culture around here needs to be improved greatly.
We need to up our maintenance ability if truly we want what we have acquired to last! There is nothing that does not need to be maintained- relationship, career, business strategy, mechanical and electrical items etc. Maintaining them is also a way of safeguarding our lives from grievous bodily harm; a poorly maintained vehicle could be the cause of an auto crash that could maim or kill!
Whatever is acquired and not maintained will vanished. Proper maintenance is better mere acquisition
I am learning to be the Chief Maintenance Officer of all that is within my reach.
Enjoy your new month.

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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