Improve our standard,
Stop importing your wards.
Eku ASUU o!
Careless at first,
Dialogue at last.
Eku ASUU o!
Dialogue details unknown,
Threat warrant is heard.
Eku ASUU o!
Year after year,
Agreement upon agreement.
Eku ASUU o!
Leadership tussle,
ASUU President versus President of the nation.
Eku ASUU o!
Private must thrive,
Public must starve.
Eku ASUU o!
If they don’t fight,
They won’t lose.
ASUU o ni baje!
Screaming at the top of their voices,
Grammatical savvy contention.
ASUU a bori!
They taught them,
They now turn against them.
ASUU o ni baje!

Acada sham,
Acada slam.
Students go suffer.

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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