Lagos is a land of endless traffic as described by residents. Interestingly, traffic can stretch from one end of the city to another, particularly when a vehicle breaks down, when there is a vehicles “bashes” (slang for hit)another.
However, residents, commuters and visitors see these 10 things ready for purchase in the endless traffic gridlock-
Gala (sausage roll), cup-cakes and chips: UAC Foods have been in the production of gala for decades. Ironically, the all sausage roll produced by other companies have been identified by the generic name “gala”. Other snacks for immediate consumption of commuters are cup-cakes and plantain chips by Small & Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs).

Pet bottle soda: there are a lot of pet bottle drinks in Nigeria from the globally known brands such as Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Big Cola, La Casera-most populous traffic drink and water.
Garden egg & walnuts: these are the natural fruits that are available for purchase while in transit on Lagos roads.
Motivational Books: Great motivational books are always available for sale in traffic on Lagos roads. Permit me to say that many people read while in traffic because they cannot afford to be unproductive for the hours to be spent therein. However, these books may be pirated or be the original copies.
Children books: Parents want the best for their children but they rarely have time to visit the bookstores except at the beginning of every academic year. The sale of these books in traffic help to expand the Literary collections of a child.
Toys and Seasonal costumes: Some toys are readily available while in transit. Parents surprise their children with these items. The seasonal costumes are in abundance most especially at Christmas.
Phone accessories: Phone accessories like headpiece, charger, USB Cables are all available for sale in transit.
Eyeshades: There are different types of eyeshades for fashionistas on Lagos roads. Many drivers prefer to substitute their recommended glasses for shades while driving.
Artworks: Different types of Artworks are also on display for sale. Many of it is usually framed.
Wrist watches: wrist watch connoisseurs are not left out of these sales. Wrist watches will leather straps, chains etc are available for sale.
As usually been said, Eko (the indigenous way of referring to Lagos) for Show. There is always something unique about the city. Everyone who is determined to make a difference in a legitimate way is welcome to join the show and possibly steal the show.
(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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