E ku ayo odun o!

I have come to you as a Yorùbá man greeting you with all pleasure now that we are in the New Year. May the year unfold with great goodies for us. Amen.

There are many Nigerians in the gaol in different parts of the world not necessarily because they have committed a heinous crime but for their acts of lawlessness. Today, we would be considering this in a very poignant way: Your territory vs Others Territories.

Your territory is your domain where you have a full understanding of the place. This include the language, the culture, the people and the law enforcement agents. For example, law enforcement agents in Nigeria can easily be bribed while this is not applicable in some other nations. In the same vein, it can be as small as your room.

Others territories can be likened to a strange land. A country that is not of one’s birth neither is the person conversant with the way of life in that community. Others territory must be carefully examined before claiming to have a deep understanding of the place.

A Yorùbá saying goes thus “ile ti ookun re o toju eni su, a ki rin oru e” meaning the path were you are not conversant with must not be walked in the dark. 

The crux of today’s discussion is that you must be careful to carry the right attitude in and out of your territories. Different things happen in different cities and you do not necessarily have to carry the experience of your home territory into other territories for they might not be governed by different extreme rules. Be observant and act accordingly to the rule in other territories. What is acceptable in your territory might be a crime in others territories.

When you are in Rome, behave like the Romans.

Enjoy 2017


(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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