Culled from Rosdeba

Why do I love home?
Seeing great potentials,
When others seek same elsewhere,
Hoping for transformation,
I am startled,
When folks throw hands in despair.

Why do I love a lightless home?
Can’t guarantee instant cloth change,
Coupled with exorbitant bills,
When I sink well for water,
With unresourceful billions spent on waterworks,
Frustration cometh.

Why do I love home?
Aerial view is dirty and darkness,
While other views are attractive,
Rushy roofs and stacked crates in daylight,
Expatriates cruising with guards,
While the cudgels caress our backs.

Why do I love home?
Shipping ideals dead on arrival,
Replicating other climes,
Businesses climate changes,
Selected few determines electorate lots,
Cum suffering and smiling muteness.

Why do I love home?
East or West,
Home is where we thrive,
South or North,
The forte is where we succeed,
Wherever we are,
Home is where human rights are right.

Culled from Huffington Post

Olutayo Irantiola

00:25 am
20th June 2018

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