Wet-To-Dry Eye Shadow: A Guide

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Wet-To-Dry Eye Shadow: A Guide

Muli Shani,

It is such a great opportunity coming your way again this week. Hope you have been making the best of this month? It's way more than half, what have we achieved so far? I am saying "hi" in Bemba language of Zambia.

I will be starting this edition with the post proverbial of a saying in Yorùbá language. *A forewarned crippled man does not die in the war; howbeit, the wise one.  Let's go on with the topic of today, Forewarning vs Rescuing.

Forewarning is the phenomenon of listening to a counsel, a plead in other to change direction or a course of planned action. People are forewarned by a still silent voice (conscience), by a clergy, by an experienced elderly person, by a wise contemporary or from the story of others. There are many resources that can aid one's wisdom in recent times.

Military Rescue Team
Rescuing is a state of allowing others to make a horrible mistake, intentionally or unintentionally, before they are corrected. Some people do wait for others to fall and fail before coming to their rescue, this is an awful style of leadership. Many times, rescued people learn lessons in a very hard way, they serve as a deterrent for others. There is usually a scar from such an experience.

It is usually cheaper to hearken when one is forewarned while it might be deadly and to await being rescued by others. What are those habits and lifestyles that you have been advised to desist from but you think it is a strategy to deny you "enjoying the pleasures life". Do not wait for your health and wealth to yearn for rescuing.

The Nigerian government have announced that people should leave flood prone areas, have people responded to this forewarning?

Everyone who has the opportunity of forewarning people should do it wholeheartedly and not wait for the time in which people need to be rescued.

Have you been forewarned; it is the best form of rescue than waiting to be rescued when the chips are down. Learn to act based on tip offs. 

Have a nice day!



*The Yorùbá  proverb
"Ogun awitele ki pa aro; iyen aro to ba gbon!"

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
Wet-To-Dry Eye Shadow: A Guide


Mai Shamwari,

I am excited coming your way again today after some weeks break. I have been on recess but I am not depressed. Life has different folds of challenges and I hope we are on top of all the pebbles thrown at us. I am saying ‘My People’ in Shona language of Zimbabwe.

There is a story of a young professional who is excelling in his career. He had a lot of people who report to him ranging from drivers to his colleagues. He had luxurious cars; high quality phones and travel out of the country at will. Oddly, he had a need to change his apartment; he scouted for another apartment; he got another one apartment; he paid and the final process was that he should meet the landlord of the house. On the day of visiting the landlord, the person that can out to his amazement was his driver in the office. Let’s think together, at what point are our acquisition frivolities or necessities?

Frivolity is something that one can live without but it is not a bad idea if one owns one. Our lives is largely dependent on the choices we make; the type of company we keep; also do. I will use an interesting example now that guys too have transited from wearing strictly black and brown shoes to wearing other colours. It is all frivolities.

If one desires to learn about necessities, I will advise the person to learn from low-income earners who understand the value for money. They are could also be extremists because they might not prioritize the education of their children like the middle-class or the elites but they would ensure that they get the necessities such as a small car, a small roof to cover their head and others which is in the Maslow hierarchy of needs.

We do not have mortgages that helps us to acquire a property as such, we strain ourselves to build; car loans are rarely available and if it is, it is for the upper class. We have to prioritize our lives if we really want to make our lives comfortable now and in the nearest future. There is no need to invest heavily in frivolities while necessities suffer.

The need to create a hassle free future begins by classifying frivolities from necessities. If we desist from craving for frivolities, we would not run ourselves into different 'traumatic' attitudes and behaviours.


(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
Wet-To-Dry Eye Shadow: A Guide


Last week was defined by a friend as a ‘mid-term’ for workers, it was at the beginning of the second half of the year so the holiday felt so good, so short and I felt like it should continue. However, the economy suffered largely for it. I just greeted you in Shona language of Zimbabwe saying ‘Hello’.

There is a story of a fairly old female trader who buys her goods from people who are as young as her children. As an African, this act was extraordinaire as many elderly people cheat younger ones. They feel very important when she addresses them with respect and this made it easy for her to get whatever she wants from them. She mentioned one day, ‘I do not feel foolish by respecting them because it deducts nothing from me. They have even respected me more because of my lifestyle. Being respectful is beneficial to the humble at every point in life.’ Let us think together as we consider Bloated Ego versus Massaged Ego.

Bloated Ego is the state of thinking that you are larger than life; you assume the state of sufficiency believing others need you more than you need them. A person who has a bloated ego thinks that his exposure is better than that of others; the opportunities open to him are not there for others. A person with a bloated ego can be seen to others as overconfident, presumptuous and an independent island that needs no support.

Massaged Ego is the state of coming down from your ‘heights’ to the level of others thereby making them feel important and motivated. There is nobody on earth that does not love to be treated with some level of respect and dignity. Massaging the ego of others is the sure way of attracting favour from people. It helps you to reach your desired goal because everyone would love to assist when a favour is requested.

We all protect our ego in various ways; we do not want it to be bruised. Unfortunately, the ego of many people has been abused by others; it could lead to unforgiving spirit; perpetual bitterness and hatred. We need to carefully bloat our ego and balance it by massaging the ego of others.

Have a great week ahead.


(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
Wet-To-Dry Eye Shadow: A Guide


I have been hibernating for some weeks now; however before I go into today’s discourse, I’ve come to you in Shona language of Zimbabwe; that’s how far I can go to bring you greetings, ‘Mhoro’ means ‘hi’.

Today’s title is just metaphor of any creative endeavour. Many people from the South-West of Nigeria know about Pa Fatai Olagunju popularly called Fatai Rolling Dollar, the ‘Won kere si number wa’ Crooner. He was born in 1927 and he died in 2013. However, he trained the maestro like Ebenezer Obey and Orlando Owoh. He went into obscurity for some years before he came back to limelight and he remained in the spotlight till the end of his life. Let’s us think together of writing versus bestseller.

Writing, singing, acting, painting and other acts of creativity are done with a lot of perspiration and zeal for whichever genre one loves to do. Interestingly, all these skills start as a hobby, when it is honed through schooling, it turns into a career. It takes a lot of perseverance and endurance to get noticed, recognized, and sorted out of the crowd.

Bestsellers are the award winning titles that eventually emerge out of the myriads of work done by a creative person. It usually comes with intrigue because one’s bestseller might not be painstakingly done like the first few endeavours. When a creative works becomes a best seller, it will generate a lot of conversation; it will be translated into different languages; it will be aired on different media; it will be tendered for by a lot of people and the curator becomes a celebrity. Unfortunately, some creative people would have died before their works gain prominence.

Finally today, you do not have to stop being creative because you have not yet gained the desired prominence; one thing that has changed the story of many successful people is the ability to toil even when nobody sees them; they keep doing it. However, there might be a need to add a little spice it. In the endless trial, the spotlight will turn to you one day.

You will also have a Grammy award winning record; you will also be a Nobel laureate; you will also be the best actor of the Year; you will also make fortune from your creative endeavour; if only you don’t GIVE UP!

Be bold, be brave and be daring!


(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria

Wet-to-dry eye shadows need not be complicated. While it might sound like yet another technique one must master in order to navigate a makeup counter, perhaps it’s better to think of it as a two-for-one deal.

Wear it dry, and you’ve got your standard dusting of color—classic and predictable (in a good way). But wet! Wearing it wet opens a whole new world of opportunity. “What you’re doing is bringing out the pigmented nature of the shadow,” makeup artist Vincent Oquendo says. “Whenever I wet an eye shadow, it’s when I really want it to pop—but it really has to be a special kind of product to be able to blend after it sets. Because a lot of the times when it sets, you get streaking.” Nobody wants that. In order to avoid any wet shadow mishaps, follow these guidelines:


It's like insurance, Vincent says. "You're doubling your wearability."
It’s like insurance, Vincent says. “You’re doubling your wearability.”

First, go with the obvious: any eye shadow labeled wet-to-dry. The Nars Dual-Intensity line is the standout—the singles come in 12 different shimmery shades, and there’s a corresponding brush (then there’s the newly released Dual Intensity Blush line, which was all over Fashion Week—but that’s a product for another post). Burberry also makes a few very versatile shades specifically for this in their Wet & Dry Silk Shadows. And the technique-specific eye shadow category isn’t just a ploy to get you to buy more product. “You can’t just use any eye shadow for this,” Vincent says. “Certain ones will harden up on top and become unusable because they’re not made for this.”

Baked shadows are also fair game—we’re fans of Laura Mercier’s Baked Eye Colour Wet/Dry and Lorac’s Starry-Eyed Baked Eye Shadow Trio in particular.

For more advanced players, Vincent suggests moving on to straight pigment (MAC or even OCC’s Pure Cosmetic Pigments). With the added moisture, they’ll become easier to layer with other products. For a look with more depth, try using a cream shadow as a based before swiping with a wet powder shadow. “It’s like insurance,” Vincent says. “You’re doubling your wearability.

This all depends on exactly what you want to do. “Mind the resistance,” Vincent says, particularly if you’re looking for uniform color across the lid. “I tend to recommend a blender brush, which is the brush that looks like a feather duster. If you do it with a stiff brush, you’re defeating yourself before you even start. The joy of a wet-to-dry is you have to get it right amount of product loaded up, and then it blends itself. If the brush is too stiff, it will leave the shadow streaky and then much harder to control.”

However, if tightlining or waterlining is in the cards, a much thinner brush is required accordingly.

Do not, repeat, do not put eye drops, water, or any other sort of liquid directly on your eye shadow. This’ll screw up your product for later use. “Lately, I’ve been wetting the brush with the Glossier Soothing Face Mist, but Evian Mineral Water Spray is good for sensitive eyes,” Vincent says. If the top of your powder does get a little hardened by wet application, there’s a trick to remove it: Get a clean mascara spoolie and “exfoliate” your compact, Vincent recommends. This won’t crack the compact and will make it ready to go once more.

Photographed by Tom Newton.

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