There is nobody who does not want to associate with people who can speak their language and this is one of the ways of being favoured. Interestingly, some people understand other’s language more than their mother tongue because they are resident in those areas. I am saying ‘My People’ in Izon (Ijaw) language of the people of the riverine communities in South-South, Nigeria.
Children are the most encouraged set of people on earth. You are being encouraged by your parents; pampered by your grannies (apologies to those who never had that experience); got gifts from uncles and aunties. However, when you get to certain heights in life; you are being encouraged in a way that looks chastising; you are encouraged to break some limited to set new records. Eventually, when one grows out of that age, one starts to appreciate the efforts invested into one at that time.

Weakened normalcy is the extreme pampering of a child till the person looses touch with reality. In companies were the staff population is high; people usually relaxed and do not feel challenged to move on in life or aspire for better positions. Complacency is the word that best describes them and redundancy is attached to them. If care is not taken, people do not know when this attitude sets in.
Strengthened‘Alenibare’ meaning someone who chases you into the Promised Land. At first, those who stretch are considered devilish but they do us more good than evil.

stretch is a state when you are not allowed to rest on your oars. There are some who have been pushed to the wall till they eventually scale the wall to a better side. This is described by the Yoruba as

I read an article recently and I cannot take my mind off these words, ‘Bad bosses strengthen you. They challenge you to either sink or swim. It’s not a pleasant experience and can even break your spirit if you let it.’
You have the capacity to fire your Spirit out of redundancy and move into greatness if you do not allow the weakness that seems normal to overwhelm you but you determine to swim to the lofty shores of life.
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(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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