Ezigbo Enyi,

It is a wonderful time writing to you. As for Nigeria, this moment is quite critical because we are all waiting for the announcement of the winner of the Presidential elections. My passion for a greater Nigeria is summed up thus that the person who would take the nation to a greater height emerge. Lest I forget, I greeted you in Igbo language, South-South region of Nigeria.
As a small boy in the Royal Ambassadors, we had a mentor that we look forward to; he was one of the person who showed many of us the road to Lagos, in fact, he accommodated us before we came of age. He leaves Ibadan on Sunday at 3 pm, on one of such trips, expectedly, there was a need to clean the car. My mentor started it, this is against the typical idea of the Yoruba tradition that believes that the younger person does the task. He told me that in his workplace, the attitude is called “Do-It-Yourself.” After this experience, I have learnt to do many things myself!
Waiting-for-Others is the lazy way of delegation. There are many tasks that are assigned to the ranks by the officer that does not take anything from the officer to get it done personally. At times, the junior officer feels insulted but he has no choice but to swallow the bitter pill. We just thank nature for not giving the ability to send people on “defecation” errand. That’s the height of it.
Do-It-Yourself is the way of getting involved! Anybody who knows how to do it spends less because he won’t give it all to the artisans. There are a lot of home tools that can be procured and used to get some simple tasks done. There are people that fix their electrical cables themselves; paint their houses themselves and many more. Many of these tasks can be learnt after watching someone doing it once or twice.
As we build ourselves; as we learn to conserve our limited funds; as we build our career; as we proceed in our daily activities, there are simple  tasks that can be done ourselves. However, the fund we would spend might not be much but these activities help the brain; get one engaged during the weekends, exercise the body and shows how creative one can be in resolving issues.
Learn to Do-It-Yourself!


(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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