Tolerance as Panacea to Human Relationship

BOOK TITLE: Tales of the Wind
Author: Makepeace Deorgi
Publisher: Kennyson Bookerville House
Pages: 176
Year of Publication: 2013
Reviewer: Oladipo Kehinde
Tales of the Wind is a novel that depicts the plight of women folks in the Nigerian society. In an ideal society, women and children are

being protected.

Make-peace offering has given an insight on how to stem the squabble and unsavory situation between couple. We are creatures of emotion and tolerance is the panacea to human complex relationship. The author urges family to live in peace and harmony. A house divided against itself cannot hold.
The author has laced this lucid tales in four thematic movements namely: “As A Child”, “As A Teenager”, “As An Adult” and “Epilogue”
The narration metamorphoses into an artist whole. Mary cleaves to her husband in spite of the ill-treatment doles on her. We are living in a society where we unanimously believe a man can piss and walk at the same time and a woman cannot. A man is nothing without a family.
A man needs a woman to raise a family. Chris, the man of the house, let things to fall apart, because of his extra -marital affairs. Amid a series of hardship, Mary wanted the best for her children, but he could not cater for the home-ront. The author craves that marital violence is blight on humanity. Poverty is a destroyer of lives. To say the truth in few words, only few ladies would like to marry a man like their father.
Chris maltreated his wife and daughter and appraises the boys. This is a book of a relative problem in our society. It is witty, a delight of reminiscence with a straight forward language. Tales of the Wind portrays the reality of womanhood as the epilogue reads in page 172 “Yes, she was free. That was all she wanted to be: free from self-imposed slavery. But then at the back of her ears she hears the voice speak ever so softly, ‘should you not have stayed? ”
(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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