There are a lot of pedestrian bridges in Lagos and this has safeguarded many lives from being knocked down by vehicles on the highway. However, it is not all pedestrians’ uses these bridges as some still prefer to cross the road. Also, it must be added that these bridges serve as home to beggars, sellers and in fact, petty thieves.
The bridges in this report are located at Fadeyi; Idi-Iroko and Ketu respectively. It must be said that there are other bridges in between located at Onipanu, Palmgroove, Obanikoro, Anthony before Idi-Iroko, thereafter the Ojota bridge before Ketu.
Herein are the difference in pictures of these three bridges:
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Fadeyi bridge 
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Fadeyi bridge

The Fadeyi bridge is the most recently of these bridges by the administration of Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola, SAN and it has all the facilities to support disabled; well covered and the foot-traffic is heavy.

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The stretch of the bridge across the road, Idi Iroko bridge

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Idi-Iroko bridge by Maryland Shopping Mall

The Idi-Iroko bridge is a quiet bridge on the extreme of the Independence tunnel with minimal foot traffic in this residence area turned business area and recently boosted by the advent of Maryland shopping mall. However, the bridge is equally falling off.

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The railings on the stretch of the Ketu bridge falling off
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Beggars on the lower rung of the Ketu bridge

The Ketu bridge aging because it is located in a densely populated residential area. The bridge also has a lot of beggars begging for alms on the lower rung of the bridge and some of the railings are currently falling off.

Conclusively, these bridges have different ages; various foot-traffic on daily basis and at this point, they need refurbishment and soon, might need to be reconstructed as they have varying degrees of deterioration.

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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