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The goat does not know the worth of the hunter,
Is it the charms in his bag?
Or his fight with the imp?
Is it the torch on his forehead?
Or the number of days spent in the forest?
Not talking about the camp he resides?
Think deep, the journey in the forest.
If the hunter comes back home, we give thanks,
If the hunter kills a game, all glory to God,
If the hunter does not sustain wounds, let’s rejoice,
If the hunter comes with a small animal, let’s dance,
There are lots of hunters in the forest, yet to kill a game!
The hunter is doing a great job,
Is it the gun constantly on his shoulders,
His appeasement to God before heading for the forest,
The torch on his forehead,
The cutlass by his side,
The incantation he recites,
The imp that he fits with,
His I don’t care attitude to cold,
The hunter does valiantly.
If the hunter kills,
If he does not kill
Priase him,
There is no baby-hunter,
The hunter is always valiant,
The hunter is bold,
The hunter is courageous,
The hunter is fearless.
The goat should not trespass,
Some others are seeking for the hunter!
They are seeking for his attention!
They want to show him his worth,
Jealously take care of your hunter,
That the world might know,
The goat now knows the worth of the hunter.

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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