There are many people whom one comes across and there are ways wherein they can be described, Mrs Yinka Ladele can be called a gem. There are many reasons for using this words and I will state it briefly in this piece.

As a Yoruba, there is the belief about the ‘seniority’ of anybody that a woman meets within the husband’s family when she is married into the family. I met Mrs Ladele at Orogun Grammar School where my mother, Grace Irantiola, was also a teacher, I was very surprised to find out that she calls me, ‘Baba Oko’, she smiles and asks me of ‘owo ounje’ as young as I was at this time. I do dodge her, as for me, it is embarrassing. It was because I had not known her sufficiently. It was a way of bringing affinity.

When I was preparing for the University, I got to know the family much more, understand the personality of Mrs Ladele and her family. She has the ability to adopt others as siblings and children. It was just like a call, even if she does not know that I was around, I will go check her at work, and I trail her all around just to say hi.

The skillful management of time is a plus to her person. I can remember the time for departure to the Redemption Camp, whenever I went with the family, was 3pm. She would programme the first Friday in such a way that by 3pm, the food that we would take to camp would be ready. Every other essential item, the mat, the water that will be sufficient for the time spent on camp would be ready. This is a virtue that is usually ignored by most people.

The hallmark of being a wife is being a supportive one. Mrs Ladele happened to support her husband within her reach. I will always say that she is an epitome of a Christian mother and family maker. She has played her part and left us to continue the race however this is an reminder that we would join her sometimes sooner or later but all we should know is that we should not relent in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour. It’s the early flight of our dearest Mrs Yinka Ladele.

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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