The delicious visit to the Roots Restaurant, Enugu

by Olutayo Irantiola

Having arrived Enugu late in the evening, there was a need to munch as the night approached. As it is traditional with my generation, I had to go on Google to restaurants around independence layout, Enugu, part of the first few restaurants that came up was the Roots Restaurant & Café, Okpara Square. As a visitor in town, I called the contact number to ask of the description to the place and I was told, it’s around SPAR Nigeria Enugu outlet

We called a cab and headed for the Roots, it was not a waste of time as I was pleased with all I saw. As described by my colleague on the trip, it feels like visiting the house of Shaka Zulu. The ambience is truly rooted in Igbo culture. The walls are decorated with animal hides which is a sign of victory either through war or otherwise. The chairs are well-crafted woods. The restaurant has two sitting areas christened Nnamdi Azikiwe Square and Akanu Ibiam Square. It’s a place of cultural modernity.

Also enthralling is the hospitality of the centrally located restaurant, there are two people attending to a customer at the same time, one is dishing while the other is advising on the available set of meals. After placing the order, the customer is expected to seat, a warm towel will be brought to the customer to clean his hands, while the food is microwaved, and thereafter the server will bring the food to the table of the customer. The bill will be brought in a leather cover, interestingly, the meals do not cost an arm and a leg.

If you have a cause to be in Enugu, you need to stop over for a sumptuous meal at Roots Restaurant & Café.

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