I hope your day has started in an exciting way? I wish to get educated daily and I chose to add more words from the heterogeneous lexicon of Nigeria, I asked, “how are you?” in Urhobo language of Delta State, Nigeria. I pray that you will end the day beautifully.
I remembered that in the early 2000s, radical technological changes happened. We were all amazed at the new order most especially in Africa. 15 years after, we have become inseparable from this new order. Every product is now a product of technology; man lives on technology and feeds on technology. Some weeks ago, I was a part of a workshop where I heard the definition of the users of technology and I believe you will also like to learn. Let’s think together, technology slaves versus technology masters.
Technology slaves are those who are addicted to working with technology; they are those who work so long. In order words, they have been sold out to technology. They crave for every new gadget; they want to be technologically sophisticated; they have sleepless nights because they were not online in a day. They want to be response real time, however, life itself, does not offer every solution real time. I looked at the words, “slaves and addiction” but truly, one becomes a slave to whatever one is addicted to. There was a woman whose husband broke the blackberry device, he bought for her because she had abandoned all her responsibility to her children and him; she was always pinging.
Technology masters are those who have the ability to manage their time and increase control of their lives. They are people who use technology when it is available; they are people who can restrain their internet usage. They are people who have the strength to stay sane when they are offline for days. They are people who are not driven by the craze to acquire gadgets.
With these definitions, we know where we fall. In the New Year, there are habits that we need to drop; would you be a slave to technology or be the master of technology. I know that many opportunities abound on the technological space and if it is not seized immediately; it can be gone forever.
Let’s live a modest life and remain masters over all situations.
Have a great week.


(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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