Technologically Induced Emotions: A Review of Jexi

Movie Title: Jexi

Duration: 84 minutes

Producer: Suzanne Todd
Executive Producer: Mark Kamine

Directorsscreenwriters: Jon Lucas, Scott Moore

Production company: CBS Films

Reviewer: John Adegbenro and Olutayo Irantiola

The interaction and dependence of man on gadgets have continually affected their interaction with fellow human. It reveals how this level of dependency has affected our relationship with other humans, and how it has changed our perspective of what we prioritize and consider important. This is exactly what the movie, Jexi, a romantic-comedy tried to address. The flick is filled with talented cast and crew, it has a promising look and sets a high expectation from the movie. It is a well-acted movie, and it is also funny, but the level of profanities and sexually offensive remarks were really high.

The movie also depicts Artificial Intelligence in an extremely smart way, which goes beyond the ordinary, the phone became the commander of the various activities around his life and the control was on the extreme. The phone got emotional about Phil and giving its own interpretation of the cloud-based relationship with him to the extent of ‘revenging’ and he lost his job. However, over time, Phil started living a life beyond the device.

According to the movie, when we decide to do away with our phone, and experience the ‘real-life’ with others, we become really alive, and happy. The movie also portrays what most workplaces are like, filled with immature and extremely rude colleagues, the struggle for promotion, and different cliques with different kind of people within these offices.

Some of the Cast are Adam DeVine, Alexandra Shipp, Rose Byrne, Michael Peña, Ron Funches, Charlyne Yi, Wanda Sykes and Justin Hartley.

I will rate the movie a 3/5, it is a good movie if you’re looking for something to just relax and laugh away your sorrows but it gives an idea of the extent to which we remain unsafe globally as everything about us resides in the cloud.

Enjoy the thriller-

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