This is a question in Urhobo language, South-South area of Nigeria meaning, How are you? I am grateful that I am alive to see another new week.  Hope your weekend was fine? I am not taking for granted the opportunity to write to you regularly. Without wasting time, let’s advance to today’s main discourse.
A young man came to Lagos, Nigeria to learn a distinct vocation which is not available in his country home. He stayed back to practice and see if he could break into the congested environment where the same skill is in abundance. He tried for many years to make ends meet but he realized that he was struggling to emerge due to the existing competition. For all the years, traffic was offensive to him; payment of his annual rent was not easy among other factors. There came a day when he realized that he had dissipated much energy on making it in the midst of competition than relocating to where he would be needed. Are you struggling for relevance or you are having optimum relevance?
Struggling for relevance is the state of fighting for relevance in a keen contest. This contest is usually based on the availability of what one possesses (skills, funds) the environment (space, traffic, cost of living) and the tenacity of the person involved. Struggling for relevance could be intra-national or international.
Optimum relevance is the state of being the solution to an existing problem in other areas  asides from the urban areas. There is a private medical Centre owned by Dr Awojobi in Eruwa, Oyo State, Southwest, Nigeria; the hospital has grown to become a key Medical Centre for many people who would have travelled to the University College Hospitall (UCH), Ibadan or the Baptist Hospital, Ogbomoso presently known as Bowen University Teaching Hospital (BUTH).  Optimum relevance has the opportunity of increasing her sphere of influence and dominance.
Essentially, learn a skill that is very relevant for this age, locate the best place to exhibit the skill which will in turn determine relevance and in fact profitability. Remember, development will not spread to other parts of the nation if skill is concentrated in the urban areas alone.

Have a blessed week.
(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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