It is a great day and welcome to a new week. The year is just starting and I am sure we are all preparing as much as possible to attain God-ordained heights for us this year.
There are many stories that we have heard about people who cannot exercise their rights in an office because they take instructions from a mentor, godfather, benefactor etc and this becomes obvious to their followers. The Yoruba have a saying, ‘ewo ni ka j’oye awodi; ka ma le gbe adiye’ meaning why would you be a hawk that can’t hunt for chick. Let’s think together about a stooge or someone who stands out!

A stooge is usually a representative in disguise; this means the person is expected to be the figure head and perform the role but keeps waiting for instructions from the person who helped in getting into that office. When someone agrees to be someone’s stooge your successes and failures is dependent on that person and you rarely can take decisive actions. The downside of being a stooge is the negative records associated with you and your tenure while in office.
Someone who stood out is a person who is willing to give his best to the assignment at hand and sets unprecedented records. Someone who has a clear vision for the office he is occupying and for his followers. A man who stands out will be applauded; recognized and given more responsibility. We all have examples of such people in recent times.
It is always a tussle to stand out and to be a stooge. Those who gave you the opportunity of occupying the office will not want you to be off their hook while you also the opportunity of performing great feat through the office you are occupying.
As it is a new beginning, I would implore you not to be a stooge to anyone regardless of the great role that was played in making you come into that position of authority; your name and in fact, your future is at stake.
I will endeavour to Stand Out!
Have a great week ahead.

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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