Hope your week had a great start? I am taking life, one step at a time and enjoying all the trills and frills associated with it. I have come to you with a French word today meaning, ‘hello’, the English equivalent of the word is ‘Salute’. After Salutation, we can proceed to business.
Some weeks ago, I read this quote online and it just started making meaning to me now.
People used to keep diaries, and get mad when anyone read them. Now we post stuff online, and get mad when people DON’T read it.

In a strategic thought to herald the coming of the new year, my boss took to a social media search of me and he came up with these words, ‘you have a lot of potentials, you have to put in more effort into your career.’ It is a challenge, you will say, but it was based on his assessment of my social media exposure. Let’s think together.
Social media exposure is the revelation of private and personal information online. Many people are exposed to friends and foes because of their ‘carefree’ nature with their information online. There are things that we say online that can get us to be in and out of favour with families, employers etc. There are pictures that are too sensitive but because we do not care and we just post it online. This trend has led to the increase in cases of kidnapping because relationship details are available online.
Social Media Profitability is the wisdom in knowing what to post that will benefit you, your friends, company etc. There are people who bless other’s lives with the information that they post online either it be morally, spirituality, career-wise and health-wise. The way in which social media can be profitable to us is by knowing the type of information we share and acquire through it. Remember, years ago, many young men got ‘ill-wealth’ through internet scam.
The thin line between social media exposure and social media profitability is social media intelligence. People have been able to make valid judgments about other’s family, discovered people’s weaknesses, and lifestyle through their social media posts. Some have got fired as a result of their social media engagement even while at work.
You have the opportunity of getting made or marred through social media!
Enjoy your week!

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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