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Abantu Bami,

The Zulu man from South Africa is here addressing you as “My People”. Yes, I have been busy but my thoughts are always with the intent of sharing some valuable lessons that I pick as I transverse through life. I hope reading it is always a valuable addition to you.

I have been alleged to love shoes by friends and colleagues but I have also been told that what people first notice about you is your shoes. Having said that, everyone has various shoe sizes. Interestingly, different countries have diverse tags for sizes- for instance size 42 in Europe is the same as size 8 in the United States. Let’s think together on Shoe size vs Leg size.

Shoe size, in my own parlance, is the size of a finished product but it has variables depending on the manufacturer. Inversely, a person who sends someone to help buy a pair of shoe will tell the person to purchase a particular number which is known to be his/her size.

Leg size is the natural and constant factor that is adorned by the shoe. It is usually fixed in adults and different types of men’s shoes such as trainers; moccasin; Oxford brogue can be worn on the same legs while ladies can wear ballerinas; gladiators; platforms etc.

However, the experience from one shoe to another varies. Some could be tight and some could be free but the size tag would be the same.

What is the drift of today’s discourse? There is no one size fit all in life, be ready to have varying experiences at all times. Every matter should be treated on its own merit.

All parameters cannot be the same even if they carry the same face value. It is only you that knows where the shoe pinches because nobody can have the same experience as you.

Be cheerful in all your experiences.



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