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Argument shuffles like
a game of whots,
Voice roars like
a barking dog,
Smiling at our follies,
Assume it’s to our favour,
Knowing it’s to our torture.

Gimmicks continues like
the devils’ basket,
Policies endless like
Land mass,
Meet at dusk till dawn,
Expend more as they sit,
Assuming its not coming back to them,
Office outlives officer.

Orate like parrots,
Skilful as snakes,
Knows the best place to strike,
Eating to pain,
Fanning to gladden.

Hiding like demons,
Emerge like snails from the shell,
Announcing their wish,
Saying it’s the masses voice,
Soon their voice won’t count,
Seasons keep changing.

Round table cohorts,
Suspense filled discussions,
Complete your plot,
The personals add the style,
You got the theme,
Grand movie.

Round table rubbish,
Rushing towards wrong,
Delivering to the media,
Holistic gush of capitalists.

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria

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