Records of Our Times

In the journey of life, we are not always deliberate about how we live our lives and how we commit ourselves to certain tasks. Interestingly, we do not know that a lot of people are taking records and observing us and all we do. In fact, there are people who get inspired by our attainments.

This is just a synopsis of the announcement of Dr. Tunji Funsho as one of the “Time’s 100 Most Influential People in the World”. He is already an inspiration to many across the globe, in the medical profession, and to those who have dedicated themselves to humanitarian causes.

The world we live in needs many more people who will be committed to a cause, those who are driven to make a change in the world. Starting from yourself to your neighbourhood, the state, the nation, the continent, and across the globe. There are still many challenges faced by man that needs to be eradicated, you can also be an agent of change.

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