En le fa,
This is a greeting from Yoruba speakers of Kwara State; the fa is an idiosyncrasy from that region of the country. Without wasting time (words), let’s look at something of interest for manufacturers, builders etc.
Raw Material is the unprocessed form of an item. Raw materials are typical independent. However when mixed with other raw materials, it turns into a finished product. I will give examples, in the production of a car, separate independent items are brought together; the body, the engine, the tyres and others. There is none of these items that can be used separately until it is all fused into one.
Be that as it may, raw materials are not fascinating ab initio until they get the right touch. Another example is a stock pile of cement bags; metal rods; electrical cables and others. They do not fit till they are all used in the construction of a house.
A finished product is the final end of combined raw materials to produce either a house, a car any even edible items. An example of an edible finished product is palm oil. Palm oil is still being produced in a crude way but it is not edible until the production process is completed.
Finished product is good for the sight; appreciated but let us have it in mind that it was once raw till it was processed with other materials. A man who is made once struggled; a beautiful ornament was once heated with fire; a proud mother was once deformed with pregnancy.
The process involved in the eventual emergence of a finished product is what many people abhor. Be the raw material that cooperates with others and also be an attractive finished product after proper preparation.
Have a nice week.

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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