Ciao amici,
I decided to go global today because there is hardly any nation where Nigerians do not reside and there are many foreigners also resident in Nigeria. I said “hello friends” in Italian language. This week is very crucial in the history of Nigeria; let’s keep our fingers crossed while we do not relent in prayers for the best for our dear nation.
In our parlance, rainy season is the period of the year filled with rain. It has many features, there could be rainstorm, thunder, flood, blossoming of plants and many others attributes. However, the context of today’s discussion is based on the abundance at this time. The earth has enough water for plants to grow, in fact, fruits are available in great quantity but waste away.

Rainy day is a part of the idiom; “prepare for the rainy day” meaning saving for possible time or trouble in the future. We rarely get prepared for such days. I make bold to say that there are different areas of life that depict the rainy day; academic, health, spiritual, financial et al.

The drift is preparation meets opportunity. Abundance will come, just like the oil price, and the time of drought, downfall in oil prices, will come. These are basic occurrences in life; do not see me as a pessimist but understand that It is important to prepare for the “worst”. In times of sufficiency, prepare, in times of lack, prepare for whichever rainy pattern comes you way.
Have a great week and safe electioneering.

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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