#PRQuote: Using the Media to Define Ourselves

Let’s start with this case study, there is a young man who used his social media and traditional media to his advantage over the years to a point wherein what comes to people’s minds is that he is a cultural activist. On a certain day, he joined a commercial bus, he met his old schoolmate that was surprised to see him in a suit. The old schoolmate said. “I never thought you would still be wearing jackets, I assumed that any time I meet you, I will see you in Agbada.”

There are ways through which we can use the media to position ourselves and define ourselves beyond what we think. It is what people often perceive about us that defines our worldview to them. On a lighter note, why do we ascribe some features to some characters that we see in Nigerian movies? For the clowns especially, we begin to smile immediately we see them in scenes because we have repeatedly seen them play comic roles.

Beyond the thoughts of just communicating with people what you think is necessary, you need to be able to know the words that truly define your brand essence and that communicate effectively to all your stakeholders. This would help your top-of-mind awareness across the social strata.

Always have it at the back of your mind that, “the media (either social or traditional media) can play a huge role in shaping how others see us and that we need to be very engaged in building these relationships and sharing our side of the story.”

The story you share is part of your history, and people would use it to build their perception of you!

Olutayo IRANTIOLA writes #PRQuotes Weekly

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