#PRQuote: Muddled Message

How would you feel when you arrive at a programme and you discover that designs of the invitation card, media wall, banners, and other brand liveries are different? Does it not depicts that the organizers are muddled; working from different standpoints; having a lack of understanding about branding and incoherent messaging amongst others.

If there is conflict between the messages passed by your PR agency, social media and advertising agency; the resulting message gets muddled. By establishing a central “keeper of the message”, you can best develop a uniform presence across all marketing campaigns and improve your chances of attracting franchisees who are aligned with your mission.

It is very necessary to either work with an agency that has all capacity to manage the different areas of your integrated marketing communications need or you bring all the agencies together to manage your image.

Don’t get your brand message muddled up. Seek alignment, get alignment and showcase this alignment to the world!

Have a week full of clear messaging.

Olutayo Irantiola writes #PRQuotes weekly

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