#PRQuote: Make Your News Story Attractive to the Journalist

Daily things are changing as everyone is more aware of the need to be in the news. However, some people do complain about their news not getting published. These are some salient facts written by Howard J. Rubenstein, President of Rubenstein Associates on how to make your news stories interesting to the journalist-

  1. Know the Media Outlet: Some persons do not have an idea of the media outlet that they want to send a story to. They do not understand how to write a compelling news story and even the requirements of the journalists. 
  2. Target your release: Do you know that we spam the mailbox of many journalists because our news items are not targeted at those who need them. They generally assume that all that is required is to blast the story to all journalists on the database and they would automatically pick up the story.
  3. Find human-interest angles: Currently, in Lagos, there is the story of an amputee that sees sachet water in town. The peculiarity of the story has turned her into the bride of every media outlet and she is getting the desired help. With this type of scenario, human-interest stories offer the reporter a story that must be covered.
  4. Offer an accurate story: many times, people do not tell the truth about the organization, most especially during crisis communications, and they do not know that ‘lies’ can be easily discovered. When the story is accurate, then the media outlet will be willing to pick the story.
  5. Don’t waste the reporter’s time: There are many times that the reporter’s time is wasted when he is trying to filter the news releases sent to him in a day. Give him something ‘tangible’.

Don’t be nasty if your publication is rejected. You might have reasons to approach the reporter again someday. Instead, take the rejection as a sign that you need to refine your pitch, the news story, or find a better fit for it.

Never forget that every news story should have the 4Ws and H- What, Where, When, Why, and How!

Olutayo Irantiola writes #PRQuotes weekly

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