#PRQuote: How frequently should you communicate?

Let’s make an inference from the life of Rotary as a Club, this is a group of fantastic communicators. They communicate at the club level, the district level and the international level. They communicate via all available means. Hardly would one open a newspaper in a day without reading something from Rotary. They believe so much in Public Image and they consciously tell their stories of their continuous contributions to humanity. So, how frequently should your brand communicate?

Every organization that wants to grow successfully must have different levels of communication. Interestingly, communication has become so varied that there is nobody who should complain of being incommunicado because with a small amount of money- airtime and data- you can be in touch via SMS, Whatsapp, email, phone calls, zoom, Microsoft team, Google meet amongst others.

As a brand, it is important to note that the noise clutters in today’s world are so much that people easily miss quality information. Equally, many brands are competing for the limited attention span and the number of media outlets is quite daunting. We need to really be deliberate in reaching out periodically with innovative services, new products and also about successful businesses done by our organization.

Frequency is extremely important. Today, with the number of cable and broadcast television channels, thousands of newspapers and magazines, and millions of internet sites, people often skip over or surf by the ads or commercials. The only way to get through is to repeat the content over and over again.

You need to be in the faces of people periodically, as they say, “out of sight is out of mind.”

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