It is another opportunity to see today! I hope you are ready to make the best out of today? Well, let’s do a little self-appraisal, what has been your performance thus far since the beginning of the year? The year is gradually coming to an end; how would you appraise yourself before someone else appraises you?

Some years ago when cigarettes was still been advertised on Nigerian Television stations; they would show you all the glamour exhibited by smokers but shortly before ending the clip, a deep baritone voice will come up to announce, ‘smokers are liable to die young’. There are certain caveats that are associated with certain products; let’s ruminate over it.

Products are the result of research, pleasure and self-gratification made for people to use as substitute for natural remedies. There are also medical products that have caveats, for example, all baby formulae have caveats about breastfeeding as still the best form of feeding for infants. There are certain products that are harmful while some are beneficial; some are used to show social status while some are used for the sake of consumption.

Caveats are the warnings made available to people who choose to use certain products. In a layman’s term, it can be said to, “I have shown unto you, Oh! Consumer what is good and acceptable; you have a choice to use or not to use”. Caveats are very simple ways of exonerating the production company from all that happens subsequently after you have decided to use the product.

There are some basic facts that can be drawn from today’s discussion. One, remember to read the prescription note on products that you want to consume. Two, do not live carelessly without knowing the side-effect of what you consume. Three, if possible, do not live an addictive life. Four, live a healthy life.

Companies would make huge profits while your consumption of their products would cause grievous bodily damages.

Have a healthy week.

Best wishes,


(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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