Personal Opinion vs Third Party Opinion



I have come to you with greetings in Bachama (Bwatiye) language from the Southern part of Adamawa State, Nigeria, I addressed you as “My People”. It’s a pleasure associating and identifying with them. By God’s grace, we would overcome insurgency as a nation and there would be peace in the land. Amen.

Sometimes ago, I was in the market to buy some briefs, I saw some very good ‘small” briefs which I believe would fit me very well. While I was making the selection, the store owner was showing me some other ones that are quite big and convincingly made me know that it would be nice on me. I went ahead without giving a damn to make payment and I was glad that I have bought the right product for me. Interestingly, from the first attempt of using these briefs, I was dumbfounded as I discovered that the store owner was right. Let’s think together about Personal Opinion and Third Party Opinion.

Personal Opinion is a situation when one presumes that his judgment about certain things is the best. It comes into play when one wants to make a purchase; when one want to take a decision amongst others. Some brands have got into our psyche to a point where we cannot give any product a try. However, personal opinion can be very myopic and selfish because you might not have a full grasp of the knowledge of the subject at hand.

Third Party Opinion is a state in which either willingly or unwillingly the opinion of others is given on what concerns another person. A third party opinion can be from the viewpoint of experience, exposure and the ideal. Many times, a third party opinion open one’s eyes to seeing new possibilities about the topic of discourse.

Why do you need other’s opinion, you don’t know it all. I am not an advocate of taking ideas hook, line and sinker but I want you to reflect per time and seek other’s views and consider their perspective whenever you need to make a choice. There are issues that are under your exclusive purview, no doubt, but you can seek advices on others. Remember, in the multitude of counsel, there is safety!

Why run into perdition because of your personal opinion when there are people who have gone through the same ordeal; they can lead you through it with ease and every sense of responsibility.

Measure how genuine your personal opinions are and share it with those that you know can tell you the blunt truth.

Keep soaring!




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