Paid Job vs Personal Job

Hello Comrades,

It is a blessing coming your way again today. I hope you are fine and the family is alright. I an anticipating a nice weekend when I would be with the writing community again. I must confess, I usually look forward to it often.

Today, we would be looking at the word that everyone who leaves school looks forward to, “job”. Some have rightly defined it again using collar, either white or blue, to depict the type of job that one does; some use the word “career”. However, whichever one you call it; it is a means of livelihood. Let’s just see the differences.

Paid job is a scenario when you are waiting to receive a pay cheque at the end of every month. As the Yoruba saying goes, “oga ta, oga o ta, owo alaaru a pe” meaning either the boss makes profit or not; the wages of the worker would be complete.
There are different ways in which people do their paid job; challantly, non challantly etc. People get easily frustrated with paid jobs and they cannot just pull out bacause they have a family to cater for.Paid job is done within some stipulate hours and the staff delivers his service as required within that time. In fact, paid job is done more often that not grudgingly.

Personal job is the tasking job ever on earth. Many people doing personal job explains that they were the CEO, Secretary, Accountant, Gate-man, Cleaner etc before getting to a point where they can actually employ others. Personal job could stress seriously when thinking of funds to keep the business afloat, pay staff, pay rent, pay for utility, pay for fuel, maintain fleets of cars etc. Personal job call for constant training to avoid being cheated by others. The owners also roll up their sleeves; they resume early, close late. It could also be a challenge making others to visualize just like the owner. Personal jobs grow overtime. Personal jobs of many centuries have been listed on stock exchange and now tagged, “multinationals.”

You might not be able to transfer a paid job to your child but children manage personal job; you might be limited in training with paid job but personal job requires series of training. Paid job might guarantee some level of comfort, personal job could create a wealthy ancestry. Paid job might limit the height of attainment but personal job do open up opportunities of partnership for success.

We all have a choice to keep to our comfort zone by being on a paid job while personal job take us to heights that we have not envisaged. Personal job is a translation of your dream while paid job is enhancing others dream. Keep a tab on your personal aspirations as you are in paid employment.

Let’s not give up in reaching for the stars.

Have a nice week ahead.

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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