The gallant removal of self, Wiping off traces of blame, Leave it out, Not for me. The big brothers to excuses, The liberator of the accused, The long rope to justice. Never…


IGI Á RÚWÉ Igi á rúwé, Dandan ni! Igi le ge! E o fà á tu! Té ò bá tíì rí gbòngbò fà tu! Èmi ò pin! Ìse ò tán! Èyí té…


With my little exposure to the corporate world, I arrived at this title. Workshop or workchop; I am sure the essence of some words are losing value so fast and lots of…

Versus Series

Okpa vs Moin-Moin

Pokona,   At the moment, I am still a cultural…

Scrap vs Vintage

Ndegi, It is a great week for me and my…

Thought vs Taught

Ompurom, Every day is an opportunity for us to aim…

Laconic vs Loquacious Part II

Wayam, That’s “Welcome” in Bachama (Bwatiye), southern part of Adamawa…

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It is our weekly motivational series that we place two contrasting elements side by side. We call it “the biangular existence of man”



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