Race setting standard,Ab initio uniform zeal,Relenting and failing hope,Gradual retrace of steps,Good- if open,Bad- if traitor-like.The heart farther,Disintegrated team,Standards shift!Journey never ends,Ensuring reinforcement,Cause continues,Life lessons leant,Got my Judas Iscariot. 3:10pm8th March, 2012…


A stream of idea,Developed in bits,Making gradual strides,The curator is an entrepreneur.It could be difficult,Uneasy to fund,Difficult to fan,Tasking to nurture,Till the game is discovered!The discovery leads to boom,Boom leads to maneuvering,Maneuvering…


I heard my name from the depth of sleep, “wake up and take this cup of tea”. I looked at the time and it was 6 am, I thought to myself, “why…


FARMINGExcerpts…. Ore mi b’o o ba m’okun, Iwo yara ba mi kalo;Ore mi b’o o ba m’osaTete kalo ki o lo m’osa;Tete kalo ki a r’Eko Adele,K’o wa w’alagbalugbu omi, Ore mi…


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Creativity comes in different ways and we share our brain waves with everyone in form of poetry, short stories and play-lets.

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We have a range of articles for your delight and education. We have articles ranging from Medicine, Religion, Tributes and Public affairs.

It is our weekly motivational series that we place two contrasting elements side by side. We call it “the biangular existence of man”



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