Opinion: The Nitty-Gritty of Political Development

by Kayode Awojobi


Politics has been the major way in which the nation is being administered. Political authority as stated is the legal right an individual has to make decisions, laws and to enforce them on the people. It is incumbent on the citizen to obey such laws and decisions made. Politics has been for a long time an avenue for interested citizens under a party umbrella to come out and serve the masses of his or her nation.

Just as Friedrich Nietzsche posits; ‘it is not the strength, but the duration, of great sentiments that makes great men ‘. The great men in Nigeria that suit the above description of impeccable leaders include the late Chief M.K.O Abiola, Dr Olabisi Onabanjo, Chief Bola Ige, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Chief Anthony Enahoro just to mention a few leaders with passion, mission and vision to serve the masses and bring out the best in them.

The above quote by Friedrich Nietzsche is ironic in contemporary times, politicians believe in their personal strength and the strength of the political parties. They do not believe that the duration of great sentiments that makes great men, thereby failing the masses where they are expected to reduce the untold hardship on Nigerians.

In the next few month, “the kingdom of the voters” will arrive and those that intended to contest for political offices will start to move around, promising heaven and earth to the citizens of this nation, they will move from village to town; town to the city and across all constituencies presenting their manifesto to the masses with their honey coated mouth seeking for the votes of electorates. We are to contend with a lot of issue and some of these will be enumerated as we proceed.

The QUEST FOR POWER in Nigerian politicians is insatiable, most of the occupants of our political offices lack the motive, mission and sense of doing great things that will be remembered even when they have left office. They only have the passion to get into power for popularity sake and also for their own selfish interest.

The same political class have remained INSENSITIVE TO PUBLIC OPINION, this is a fundamental problem faced by Nigerians in our nation. The cry of Nigerians who presume that a new “Messiah” would emerge during the next election but have consistently neglected the opinion of the citizens while they concentrate on depleting the nation treasury.

ETHNICITY AND TRIBALISM have become endemic in Africa, the best are being dumped for the counterfeit all in the name of ethnicity and this has really caused serious havoc to growth of the nation at large. The best principle that would suffice is one for all and all for one.

There has been an endless discussion on BRIBERY AND CORRUPTION in Africa, this menace has stalled the all-round growth of Nigeria. The integrity, virtue, moral principle that are needed to take our nation to the uppermost level has been killed in the heart of the “presumed saviours” and there is quick need for a renaissance in the country.

With the enormity of the challenges that has besieged the country, people believe the way out is dependable on some certain factors which have been over repeatedly mentioned but we need to reiterate these points.
The INDEPENDENCE OF THE JUDICIARY is imperative for a successful governance. The TRUTH should not be downplayed at any time. The judiciary should willingly ready to perform their duties without any fear or favour as at when due.
The success of any administration is dependent on how responsive a government is to PUBLIC OPINION. When the pulse of electorates is frequently gauged, the government will be able to come up with policies that will directly impact on the people. There are some projects that would never be of advantage to the electorates.

Nigeria is abundantly blessed with the BEST OF HUMAN RESOURCES and this is equally important when seeking for political office holders. Recently, Dr Muyiwa Gbadegesin tweeted and I quote, “I have come to the point of view that there’s no such thing as a ‘TECHNOCRAT’ in government, particularly at senior levels. You are a POLITICIAN once you accept a political appointment. You have a duty to CAMPAIGN daily- that’s if you’re working to fulfil the agenda of your party”.

THE USE OF PROFESSIONALS is very fundamental in governance; our politics should not be left to political jobbers that is people without any knowledge or motif of ruling in a promising way but can only dismantle not build the nation. There is a need to engage people of substance who are experienced and intelligent enough to make decisions that will positively impact the nation across all strata of governance.

As it is expected of any nation that practices democracy, there are various strategies of preparing for any election by the various political parties so that they can be in governance for another four years. Unfortunately, this is the only time when politicians are accessible to the electorates. As another electioneering is getting nearer in this great nation, there is a need to inform our various aspirants in every political parties that their political promises must be kept. They should give an ear to the cry of the masses who have elected them into these offices. Here is a rhetorical question to all aspirants, “what will be the fate of the masses when you finally emerge victorious at the poll?”

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