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Omi kan sibu,
A o ri lara ibu,
Eti omi la o ti ri.

Agbara wo sodo,
Odo n wo lo,
Owo omi to wa la o ti ri.

E da idoti si omi,
Enkule re ni yoo da pada si,
Bo ba gbagbo,
Bere lowo awon to fara gba omiyale,
Omi apase lojokojo.

Adagun omi o se foju tembelu,
Omi lugbulugbu ti a o mo boti jin,
Omi ti o lemi lale odo.

Drops of water into the deep,
It does not reflect in the deep,
The bank shows the quantity.

Flood runs into the river,
The river flows on,
The force of the water reflects it.

Throw dirts into water,
It shows in the backyard,
If you don’t believe,
Ask survivors of Omiyale,
Water commands anyday.

Never underrate the lagoon,
Compact water that you do not know the depth,
Water has living beings in the depth.

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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